Michael Pawlyn: usando el genio de la Naturaleza en la arquitectura


¿Cómo pueden construir los arquitectos un mundo nuevo de belleza sostenible? Aprendiendo de la Naturaleza. En el TEDSalon de Londres Michael Pawlyn describe tres hábitos de la Naturaleza que podrían transformar la arquitectura y la sociedad: la eficiencia radical en el uso de recursos, los circuitos cerrados y la energía solar.

Translated into Spanish by Sebastian Betti
Reviewed by Veronica Vera
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Michael Pawlyn takes cues from nature to make new, sustainable architectural environments.

Why you should listen to him:

Michael Pawlyn established the architecture firm Exploration in 2007 to focus on environmentally sustainable projects that take their inspiration from nature.
Prior to setting up the company, Pawlyn worked with the firm Grimshaw for ten years and was central to the team that radically re-invented horticultural architecture for the Eden Project. He was responsible for leading the design of the Warm Temperate and Humid Tropics Biomes and the subsequent phases that included proposals for a third Biome for plants from dry tropical regions. In 1999 he was one of five winners in A Car-free London, an ideas competition for strategic solutions to the capital’s future transport needs and new possibilities for urban spaces. In September 2003 he joined an intensive course in nature-inspired design at Schumacher College, run by Amory Lovins and Janine Benyus. He has lectured widely on the subject of sustainable design in the UK and abroad.

His Sahara Forest Project, covered in this TEDTalk, recently won major funding >>

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