Dan Phillips construye casas originales reciclando materiales


En esta divertida y perspicaz conferencia de TEDxHouston, el constructor Dan Phillips nos muestra algunos de los hogares que ha edificado en Texas con materiales reciclados y con un gran ingenio. Estos brillantes y sencillos diseños te ayudarán a refrescar tus propios impulsos creativos.

Translated into Spanish by Amaranta Heredia Jaén
Reviewed by Isabel M. Martos Maldonado
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Dan Phillips builds homes out of recycled and reclaimed materials in Huntsville, Texas.

Why you should listen to him:

Dan Phillips is a designer and builder in Huntsville, Texas. In 1998, he and his wife, Marsha, started The Phoenix Commotion, a construction company that builds affordable houses from reclaimed and recycled materials. Their mission is to divert landfill waste while creating sustainable housing for single mothers, artists, and families with low incomes. The Phoenix Commotion keeps labor costs low while reclaiming human potential. They use an apprentice program to teach sustainable building skills to individuals that volunteer or intern on the Phoenix Commotion Crew.

The houses are energy-efficient, cheap and satisfying to build — and wildly, effervescently creative. To the Phillipses, any material used in enough multiples creates a beautiful pattern — so Phoenix Commotion homes are covered and decorated with salvaged materials of many stripes. Homes are built in concert with their eventual owner, who contributes sweat equity and their own artistic flair.

"Mr. Phillips said his biggest reward was giving less-fortunate people the opportunity to own a home and watching them develop a sense of satisfaction and self-determination in the course of building it."

New York Times

Dan Phillips on the Web

The Phoenix Commotion is a local building initiative created to prove that constructing homes with recycled and salvaged materials has a viable place in the building industry. This process uses only apprentice labor and teaches marketable skills to anyone with a work ethic who is willing to swing a hammer. By keeping labor costs low and using donated or found materials, the homes created are truly affordable. No two are alike due to the myriad of materials used, so there is an artistic element that makes Phoenix Commotion homes unique. We target single parents, artists, and families with low incomes. We require the homeowner to be involved with the planning and construction of his or her own home. The result is a person who is empowered, not only by the useful knowledge of building skills, but by the opportunity to become part of a community as a vested participant.

Home: phoenixcommotion.com

Interview: Dan Phillips in NYTimes

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