HUBURBS: Metrolinx Mobility Hub Symposium


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Friday, April 15, 2011
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Innis Town Hall
University of Toronto
2 Sussex Avenue
Toronto ON, M5S 1J5

On Friday, April 15th, the HUBURBS symposium will convene experts from the fields of planning, development, policy, academic research and design to discuss how transportation development can be leveraged to establish a new urban typology: the HUBURBS – a place of connectivity, community and opportunity that can replace the suburb as a more urbanistic and sustainable model for the future of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

The symposium will look at current notions of transit oriented development and innovative models that have emerged in response to specific local, economic and political contingencies that add new dimensions to the discussion.

The symposium is organized around 3 panel discussions:

Part I | Economics of a Hub will explore the economic, developmental and land-use issues that surround the hub. How can new transportation infrastructures be leveraged to create new opportunities for development, urbanization and job creation in sites which are either of low density or fractured in nature? How can transit companies, as land owners, leverage their holdings to set this process in motion?

Part II | Politics of a Hub will look at the political processes involved in gaining support from the range of stakeholders involved in planning a Hub from national to municipal to local levels.

Part III | HUBURBS: Models and Exemplars will explore a number of achieved and proposed high calibre designs for transit hubs. The panel will consist of designers and developers who will present projects that have creatively addressed one or more of the challenges outlined in Parts I and II.

The event will conclude with an extended roundtable discussion of the ideas and projects forwarded throughout the day.
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About the Image: Expanding itineraries on the Lakeshore West GO Line.
Credit: Jameson Skaife (MLA Candidate 2011) and Taslima Afroze (MUD Candidate 2011), Daniels Faculty


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